Thrust Ball Bearing
The letter

         Dear Our Customers and Partners,


         On behalf of  Konishi Viet Nam Co.,Ltd (KVN), we would like to send our best regard to customers and partners.


         We highly appreciate your support and cooperation. We always try our best to make you satisfy.


         We have been selling original products by challenge to precision work and we think that it is very important subject for us to secure a keeping a good quality and appointed date of delivery shortening, Customer Satisfaction No.1 to get customer’s trust.  We think that education training of technical improvement is important for this purpose.


        Konishi Vietnam is supported by the ability of an engineer and machinery. Our senior engineers who are proud of expert technique are teaching their skills and techniques thoroughly with original one-to-one guidance method to polish their skills at the employee training. We try to make them to become a full fledged person in three years. We have newest equipment as orbit super finishing machine, internal honing machine, vertical surface grinder, three dimensional measuring machine, outline shape measuring instrument and concentricity shape gauge. We will never give up even if asked for any kind of difficult work. 


        We will challenge to more difficult work and more value-added high work for the future.


                                                                                                              General Director

                                                                                                              Noguchi Tsutomu


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